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About Me

Established in 1970, I am a luthier specialising in high quality Selmer Maccaferri style guitars, as famously used by Django Reinhardt.

Selmer Styles

I make Selmer style guitars in all the original configurations. i.e. 14 fret to body oval hole model with 670mm scale length, 12 fret to body oval hole model with 640mm scale length (the so-called "transitional" model), 12 fret to body D hole model with 640mm scale length, plus a 14 fret to body D hole model with 670mm scale length. This model was not produced by Selmer but has become popular in recent years.

Other Styles

I also make flat top guitars in a variety of shapes and styles as well as archtops and all the mandolin family of instruments.

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New Instruments

On completion of a new instrument, I usually post on my facebook page. A link can be viewed lower down on this page if you don't have facebook. Occasionally I have guitars in stock and they can be viewed in the "Guitars In Stock" section lower down.

Repairs etc.

I also carry out repairs and modifications of all sorts including refrets and fret dressing, set ups, pick up installation and damage repairs. You can purchase strings from my online shop.


If you have a problem with your current instrument or would like to enquire about a new instrument, please get in touch either by email, phone or by post. Visitors are always welcome to my workshop but please call to arrange a suitable time. Contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Latest News

For all the latest news from the workshop and beyond, please 'like' my John Le Voi Guitars facebook page. The live feed below will automatically update as my facebook page is updated.

Guitars In Stock

This album will be updated regularly to show instruments that I have in stock. These are either available to purchase or you can use the photos for reference for your own custom build. If you would like more detailed pictures of any guitar in stock please email me using the contact form below. Thanks.

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Guitars in Stock

Get In Touch

You can contact me by phone, post or by email using this form. If you successfully send the message, you will see a thank you page. If you don't see it, please try again, making sure your email address is correctly typed (no spaces) and you have ticked the "not a robot" box. Please check carefully that your email address is totally correct. I will respond as soon as possible. Thank you.

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