Flat Tops and Other Instruments

Flat Tops

I make flat tops in all shapes and sizes. I have more than a dozen different moulds but I favour the smaller body sizes in general. They have better definition without the sometimes overpowering bass of Dreadnought size guitars.

Flat top guitar with Indian Rosewood back and sides
"00" style guitar with Imbuia back and sides
"S" style dreadnought guitar


Occasionally I get requests to make a particular instrument but I also like to experiment too. I made this model after hearing some of Oscar Aleman's recordings using a resonator guitar. I took it to the Samois festival where players came from all over the campsite with the enquiry "What the **** is that? I can hear it 100 yards away!"

It has the Selmer body size and shape so it feels familiar. The body is in Imbuia with a laminated front for strength. It has been dubbed "The Selmernator"!

The Selmernator
The Selmernator

Here are just a few of the unusual instruments I have made for customers.


A special Selmer-style ukulele, dubbed 'Djangolele'.
12 and 6 twin neck from 1980
1993 Baritone
Electric Cat's Eye model
A 12 string made in 1975
F-hole Selmer
Telecaster style cat's eye "The Telecatser"