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Silver plated copper wound or silver plated copper alloy wound strings are the strings of choice for Selmer style guitar. This material gives the right tone and indeed, was the standard wrap material for acoustic steel guitar strings until the introduction of bronze in the early 1960's.

The most popular strings for Selmer style guitar are Argentine (10 - 45 and 11 - 46 gauge) in ball end and loop end. I stock full sets of six and single strings for spares.

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Sets of 6 Strings
Single Strings 1610MF - ball end
Single Strings 1610 - ball end
Single Strings 1510MF - loop end
Single Strings 1510 - loop end


I use, and would recommend, the Hiscox case. It is extremely strong (I can stand on the middle of the flat face of the case without deforming it) and replacement of case clips etc. is possible should it become necessary.

Hiscox Cases